Update to V1.0.3.4

As announced earlier this week, due to changes on the 4umaps.eu map server the online maps of this source were not accessible for the last few days.

With this update we have fixed this problem, as well as made some internal changes.


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  1. I can´t even install the navimapper because i always get the message of my AntiVirus Comodo that a Cloudscanner Trojan was found. What is your comment on this problem.?
    With best regards
    Ulrich Mangel

  2. Compliments for this fantastic App: when I meet a new WindowsPhone user, I always suggest him Navicomputer 🙂

    If I can say something, I noticed that OnLine 4uMaps are still not visible in V1-3-0-7

    When I’m OnLine with my WindowsPhone and I need 4uMaps, I’ using the trick to select MapQuest OnLine, then select the area to be downloaded, then change the menu to 4uMaps and then download the map.

    Do you foresee any update for OnLine 4uMaps ?


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