Update to V1.0.3.8

In this new release we unfortunately had to remove MapQuest from the map sources. See this previous post for more details.

Furthermore we tried to address a problem with background GPS tracking on the latest Lumia devices (Lumia 650). Since we do not have one of these devices for test, please report back if this helps to get background track recording properly.

Important notice: This update overwrites the mapsources.xml with the default one. If you are using a custom mapsource.xml, you need to sync it from NaviMapper again after the update.

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  1. Hi,

    After this update, the app became unusable on my lumia 550 phone (windows 10 mobile).
    1) Entering the full screen mode and returning results in a black screen, which can be reset by pushing the help or the settings button
    2) Map downloading menu becomes unresponsive when you have to type the map name (the field disappears, only the back button works)

    I don’t know if this means there is no support for W10M, but the previous version (before the map source update) was working fine.

    Kind regards.

  2. Hi,

    This doesn’t help much but it isn’t an inherent W10M issue because it works without issue on my 950.


  3. Hallo,
    nachdem diese App anfangs gut funktioniert hat, habe ich folgendes Problem: Es lassen sich zur Wegstrecke keine Karte einblenden.

  4. Background tracking on a 650 works fine except the altitude. I’m having 5-6 times more altitude difference shown.

  5. Hi again,

    The problem is gone now and I believe that the bug was not related to this specific update.

    This is what I did:
    1) updated the OS version from 10586 to 14393
    2) inserted a previously-used SD card, selected the phone memory paths from Storage and removed the card again (had an OS bug where I couldn’t save screenshots, perhaps the real path is not automatically updated when the card is removed, it only displays “This device”)

    I don’t know which one has fixed it, but it wouldn’t hurt to check the app behavior when the file path points to a non-existent location.

  6. Bonjour
    J’ai la dernière version V1.0.3.8, je constate que le total des dénivelés positives et aussi pour les dénivelés négatives est sensiblement le double de la réelle addition des dénivelées ex 1560m pour 780m en réalité. il me semble qu’il doit prendre deux fois les valeurs. merci pour votre réponse. Michel

  7. Hello, on my lumia 630 Phone i can not move the map window. The map moved to my actual Position, but moving it manually is not possible.
    Thanks vor help,

  8. The NaviComputer will aways not connet with the NaviMapper. This programm has a firewall permission! If I look with TCPview – NaviMapper has Lokal Port http and Remote Port 0. Is tha right? I use the mobile Hotspot from W10M. The NaviMapper IP-Adress is
    Thanks for an answer.

  9. The port should be 80.
    This is good and bad. It is the same port as http which means it is normally open in the firewall but bad in that some applications such as IIS can intercept traffic.

  10. Thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately I search with ‘netstat’ and I did not find blocked ports called 80 … Cortana is IIS unknow …

  11. Perhaps I found the blocker:
    The line with the command: netstat -a -p tcp -n
    TCP Lokale Adresse Port 49831 Remoteadresse Port 80 Status Schliessen Warten ….

    I think: not IIS, not Skype!

    How give avast! another port … ?

  12. My sync-problem is not solves with port 80 … Hi, I am not a computer scientist!

    How can I see – before I load the map, which has a map on a scale e.g. of 1100,000 …

    Thanks for an good resolution.

  13. Der NaviComputer ist auf meinem Lumia950 mit W10mob noch immer mein wichtigster Begleiter. Nur ist seit kurzem 4UMaps nicht mehr erreichbar. Was kann ich tun bzw. welche Alternative gibt es und wie kann ich sie implementieren?
    Es ist wirklich sehr wichtig für mich …

    • Hi Christina,

      it looks like 4umaps have changed their server once again. We are working on solving this issue. In the meantime you can change your mapsources.xml file manually. Simply change the 4umaps tileurl from http://tileserver.4umaps.eu/%z/%x/%y.png to https://tileserver.4umaps.com/%z/%x/%y.png

      Sorry for the inconvenience

  14. leider stopped das background tracking (nach einer gewissen Zeit, w10m Lumia930),
    ein Neustart von NaviC ändert auch nicht (am Berg habe ich leider nicht die Zeit alles systematisch durchzutesten)
    sehr schade, denn ich habe den NaviC hab ich wirklich gemocht, aber bei der akt. Situation um w10m erwarte ich hier nicht wirklich was von euch


  15. Hi !

    After the last win update of my phone, cant use NC. It only loads and loads. Any idea? I reinstalled NaviC but nothing changed. That happened with VectmapLite too.
    Thx for the replies,

    Best regards, Gabor

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