Release V1.0.0.2

Update to V1.0.0.2

Don’t worry, we¬†don’t take breaks ūüėČ

NaviComputer V1.0.0.2 has been submitted to the store and the update will be available for you as soon as it has passed the Microsoft Store certification.

This is a small update, adding a neat feature: NaviComputer now detects break-times in your trips and tracks  and shows them. You can decide whether you want to see the trip stats (duration and average speed) with break-times included or excluded. Just tap on the coffee cup icon to toggle between included and excluded view.


  • Added break detection and possibility to exclude break-times from track statistics
  • Altitude graphs can now also¬†have US units
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Improved stability (trying to load corrupted offline map files could crash the app)
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