Update to V1.0.3.5

Today we are releasing a new version This is a maintenance release with several stability improvements and updates of dependency libraries. In addition we have improved compatibility with some GPX files. Tracks that are split into several segments should load correctly now.  At this point we would like to say thank you to everyone who submits error reports, helping us to improve this app more and more.


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  1. Glad to see it’s being updated. One problem though – there is still no sync program available for Linux!? With your permission I’d like to publish, a sync program I wrote to get my tracks on my Ubuntu computer.

    • Hi Luke,

      sorry, I have no experience in Linux, but isn’t it possible to run .NET applications on Linux using Mono or something similar?
      Anyway, sure you may publish your Linux program, do you have a description with some screenshots or something like this? How do you want to publish it? Do you have a website for it? Just contact us by mail at development@navicomputer.com

  2. rispetto alla versione per windows 6.5 ho notato che non è più possibile inserire inserire dei punti sulla mappa. Come mai,? mi sembra strano che la nuova versione abbia caratteristiche ridotte rispetto alla versione più vecchia.
    Sapete rispondermi?

  3. Hello,
    I am having problems accessing 4Umaps on both navimapper and navicomputer, both updated to the latest version. Is it a known issue, even after the latest update? Thanks

  4. Hi!
    Starting a trip at the same time with two similar mobilphones we get considerable different results after the trip…. And again different results after saving. How can that be possible?

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