Update to V1.0.2.0

Here we are in the new year 2014 with another nice update. Many users have requested this feature and we heard your words and have implemented SkyDrive import and export.

NaviComputer can now not only be synchronized with NaviMapper on a computer, but also with your SkyDrive online storage. You’ll find this option right beside the desktop sync feature. (Just swipe the page to the left or right). We have been thinking about how to implement SkyDrive in the most convenient way for a long time and we think we have found a very good solution. Keeping the offline-use character of NaviComputer, the SkyDrive synchronization works just in the same way like the desktop sync feature works: You can mark files (GPX tracks and offline maps) for SkyDrive upload at any time (even when you have no internet connection). Once you are back home and connected to the internet you simply go to the SkyDrive Sync page, tap “start” and all pending files are uploaded to SkyDrive automatically.

Here is a list of all news in Version

  • SkyDrive import and export of tracks and offline maps
  • Desktop sync also shows the number of pending up- and downloads
  • Italian localization (translation by Alex Baldetti – many thanks!)we
  • minor fixes and optimizations

[UPDATE important notice: We discovered an issue with the SkyDrive download when importing large map files from SkyDrive (> about 100MB), causing NaviComputer to crash. We are working on fix for this problem and provide another update as soon as possible.]

Can tracks or maps be imported/exported to SkyDrive?

[Update Version]

As of NaviComputer V1.0.2.0, SkyDrive is fully integrated into NaviComputer. You can import and export tracks (*.gpx) and offline maps (*.nmap) to and from SkyDrive.

Simply go to the file synchronization page and swipe it to the right to get to the SkyDrive page where you can start the synchronization.