MapQuest mapsource currently not available

Dear NaviComputer users,

maybe you already noticed it, since Monday the MapQuest maps are not available within NaviComputer and NaviMapper anymore.

This is because MapQuest has changed their policy and rates, unfortunately they do not offer their map tiles for free anymore.

We are working on finding a solution or alternatives, but this is not an easy task. As you know, NaviComputer is a free application. We do not have the budget to pay for a map service. So either we have to find a free alternative or we have to make NaviComputer a paid application to return at least some of our money.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience. We would be glad if you won`t give a bad rating now just because of this issue, it is really not our fault.

Any tips and recommendation regarding a solution or alternatives are very welcome!

Best regards,

Markus // NaviComputer development



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  1. If it would help to keep up the good work, I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee, since this windows phone app was very usefull, easy to use and provides safety in the mountains.
    In Holland we have a similar app for sailing. A small fee is paid for up to date maps.

  2. I’m still on Windows Mobile and look forward to the day when Navicomputer arrives as an Android app. Not too sure of the flexibilities of the Phone version verses the Mobile version but we always patched this stuff up ourselves on the tile command. I would like to get Markus onto Android development myself since the days of Microsoft phone operating systems must be numbered and Microsoft did tell developers to develop for other operating systems.

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  4. Hi,
    First, thanks for providing this app, I really appreciate it!
    I just experienced a few problems with NaviMapper and 4Umaps: some tiles fail to download (could be open-water tiles); unfortunately – even though I can keep the partially downloaded file – zoom levels that contain a failed tile do not display at all in the app (Lumia 532). Is it possible to insert blank images for the failed tiles such that the others can still be used?

    Thanks again,

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