NaviComputer is a GPS maps and tracking app made and optimized for hikers, bikers and all kinds of outdoor sports and adventures.

Have your favorite maps always with you – online or offline

NaviComputer uses different variants of OpenStreetMaps optimized for hiking, cycling and mountainbiking. By default, the following map sources can be used:
- MapQuest OSM (nice OpenstreetMap rendering)
- MapQuest Open Aerial (Satellite maps)
- 4umaps.eu (topographic outdoor, hike and mountain bike maps with trail scale)
- hikebikemap.de (Nice hiking and biking maps based on OpenStreetMap)

Offline maps will help you to keep the right track even when you are abroad or in areas without network coverage.

  • Download maps of a user-defined area and store them as single, easy to handle and space saving files.
  • Extend your mapping experience by using the optional PC application NaviMapper to download, store and manage your offline maps on a PC. Read more about NaviMapper.
  • Add custom map sources to use your favorite online map providers. (See FAQ)

Track your activities and save your tracks as GPX

  • View your stats like elapsed distance, average speed or elevation profile.
  • While running in the background, NaviComputer is optimized for low power consumption and long battery life.
  • Save your tracks in the GPX file format to review them with a tool of your choice like Google earth. NaviMapper will help you to transfer your tracks to your PC without the need of uploading them somewhere to the internet.
  • Live tracking: Share a link with other people to let them follow your trip live on a map with any browser on any device

Load GPX tracks from the internet or other sources

Found an interesting track in your favorite internet GPS portal or received a track via email? NaviComputer lets you open up GPX files from everywhere on your phone.

  • Load tracks, show them on the map and check its details and stats.
  • Use a car navigation app to guide you straight to the starting point of a track.
  • Use NaviMapper to simply drag and drop GPX files from your PC to your phone.
  • Import and export tracks and offline maps from/to your SkyDrive.