Can offline maps be stored on the sd card?

Unfortunately this is not possible due to restrictions in the Windows Phone 8 operating system. We hope that this will be changed in one of the next Windows Phone updates. As soon as it is possible, we will of course support sd cards for storing maps.

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  1. Hi,

    Nokia offers a the beta Version “Lumia Storage Checker”. The app “Here maps” stores its maps reliable on the SD Card. Navimapper could do the same (please).


    • Hi Rolf,

      unfortunately that’s not possible for third party apps. But luckily Windows Phone 8.1 is not too far away and it will provide the possibility to store apps (and its data) on the SD card.

  2. I can store offline maps on a sd card, but you can’t read it. Is that true?
    Or is your faq answere not uptodate anymore?

  3. Hi,

    Do NaviComputer can run on WP8.1? (development version)

    I’d like to be able to move the cards on the sd card (the memory of my phone being full …) But I do not know if the app can accept that.

    thank you

    • Hello Adrien (Yes I answer alone!)

      I finally tried. No problem with the installation in wp8.1 (not official) and maps can be stored on the SD card. Perfect.
      And even with a 400MB card everything works (onedrive downloading and viewing in the app)

      Thank you, this app is really great

  4. thanks Adrien for the tip: I did also on my Lumia 520 Cyan and just works great on the SD now. I can now get more off line data without always have to remove older ones…

  5. Hello,
    it is possible to save the maps on the SD Card. Use the App “Lumia storage check beta”.
    There you can change the position for the saved maps.

    Best regard


  6. I install the App on the SD-Card. All the Maps were also in the installing-path on the SD-Card.

    It works fine !

    Best regards


  7. Somewhat confusing, I can store offline maps perfect on my micro sd in windows 10 on my lumia. Probably this is about the internal SD,but it gave me the impression I couldn’t store maps on my micor SD.
    Nice program

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