The NaviMapper file transfer does not work. I always get the message “Connection to NaviMapper failed”. What could be the reason?

In most cases the firewall on the PC is the reason. Please check the firewall settings and try it again with the firewall disabled. Your firewall must allow incoming and outgoing http (port 80) traffic to NaviMapper.

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  1. Unfortunately connection still fails even though port 80 is open. I have disabled the firewall and checked with telnet if it is open. Any other suggestions? Cheers, btw. very cool soft.

    • Hello sinnerdan,
      are you getting an error message when starting NaviMapper on the Computer? What’s your setup (OS etc.) ? Computer and phone are in a local Wifi Network?

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  2. I have tried several times, too, I have tried to allow Navimapper through the firewall, I have turned off the firewall – reinstalled the app / installed again- but regardless I get the “warning” msg every time I open the Navimapper app: “Network socket could not be bound to this addresson Port 80.Navicomputer filesync will probably not work. Please make sure…………………..access to that port”
    I am running W8.1 on my laptop and WP 8 with GDR3 (preview) on my NokiaL 1020.
    Any solution, please ? I really like this feature todownload maps!!

    Regards Rolf

  3. I am having the same problem also running with Windows 8.1. I added incoming and outgoing rules in the firewall for NaviMapper, and even tried turning off the firewall entirely with no success.

  4. Thanks for the reply, Markus. I unchecked the port 80 checkbox in Skype desktop connections, but I still get the network socket connect error on starting NaviMapper. I notice that there is now a ‘Port’ entry box beside the IP Address box on NaviComputer. (latest update?) However, I see no way to change the default port 80 selection. But on the other hand, I was able to download a map created by NaviMapper by copying it to a SkyDrive folder and then download from there. And used NaviComputer today on a cross country ski outing. It recorded my track very accurately, and I was able to upload the GPX file to SkyDrive and open it in Garmin MapSource. Liking it already! Looking forward to using the app with an offline map on my next outing. Thanks again.

  5. Bernie, have you also tried to quit Skype completely and tried to close other programs running in the background? There must be something using that port.
    Anyway, yes, we’re planning to add the possibility to configure the port to prevent such conflicts and thus added that entry. But in the current version it is not yet possible to change it, it will probably be added with the next update.

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to synchronize a 4Umaps file to use offline. After following all of the steps the file loads but the background is just black. So no map, it just says there is one. Anything I may be doing wrong? Too big a map file or something? The map file is about 283mb

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  7. Hoi,

    Unfortunatley also i don’t get connection to NaviMapper for desctop syncing.

    No skype installed, firewall disabled, port 80 added in firewall as TCP and as UCP. No result.

    WindowsPhone 8.0 on a Nokia Lumia 520. Windows Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 5735.

    Please keep me informed…


  8. Hi,
    I tested gpx file to synchronize. Before synchronizing I deleted the file which had icon for synchronizing. But now I see that I will synchronize deleted file. The other files I can’t synchronize.
    Can you help me?

  9. The NaviMapper file transfer does not work. I always get the message “Connection to NaviMapper failed”.
    The firewall on the PC is disabled. Firewall!!!
    What could be the reason?

  10. Hi everyone, I was having the same problem…”Connection to NaviMapper failed”. I thought the connection between the laptop and the phone was through the usb cable…and it’s not…
    Remember, the connection is through your Wifi!, so, switch on the Wifi feature on your phone and you’ll make it work.
    If I found myself making this mistake, maybe it can help somebody else.

  11. Hi Admin, I also get error messages of port 80. Can you please open the possibility to copy the .nmap file directly to the sd-card? I suppose that Navicomputer reads the file from some directory, so it would be easy to put the file there.

  12. While I don’t see this error message, file transfer always fails to download anything from the phone… Not even one gpx file will transfer from the phone to computer. Any ideas?

  13. 2014 12 17 my sync experience phone -> PC, OneDrive
    Desktop Sync
    works with gpx and maps size less than 184 MByte
    does not work with maps size bigger than 265 MByte
    bottom message:
    “Verbindung zu NaviMapper fehlgeschlagen”
    = “Connection to NaviMapper failed”.

    same sync behaviour like Desktop Sync + generates
    NaviComputer auto-generated problem report‏ for developer email request

    So it seems that there is a size Limit somewhere between 185 – 268 MByte ???

    Samsung Ativ S, WP8.1 Dev, NaviComputer Version,
    Win8.1×64, NaviMapper V2.2

  14. At first I had the same problem as desribed above – synchronisation did not work. Luckily I solved it this way:

    -deinstallation of NaviMapper
    -firewall off
    -reinstallation of NaviMapper (with firewall off!) on my PC Windows XP SP3
    -( producing and download of maps was never the problem)
    -click on synchronisation, drag and drop of maps to the screen of the virtual device on the right
    -with firewall off an IP-adress ….. was shown ( in the beginning was obviously only an example)
    -typing of the IP-adress into the field on screen of my device WP 8.1
    -click on the synchronisation symbol shown on the devices screen
    -work done!
    I hope this short description will help you further.
    Please pardon my English!
    -click on

  15. There is a free PC program called Process Hacker which is kind of extended task manager that shows all active programs and ports they are currently using.
    This helps when closing the programs that are using port 80.
    This helped me to sync between my W8 and WP8.1 but still cannot sync to Onedrive at all,no maps or GPX files.

  16. I received the “Connection to NaviMapper failed” message many times before I found out that I had not allowed my newly bought smartphone to communicate with my laptop via WLAN. In the WLAN settings of my Fritzbox, I had to check the option “Die angezeigten WLAN-Geräte dürfen untereinander kommunizieren”. (=The listed WLAN devices are allowed to communicate with each other.) The file transfer worked fine after that.
    So in my case it was no problem of NaviMapper.

    The above mentioned file size restriction (somewhere around 200 MB, as commented by “fli”) seems to be more a question of number of tiles. I managed to transfer a file with 385 MB and 7,500 tiles, but I failed to transfer a map with only 220 MB but more than 20,000 tiles.

    All in all: very nice software!

  17. Attention: forbidden characters in file-name!

    I find out an other reason for this error-massage: forbidden characters in file-name.

    I’ve got a file with a ‘+’ in its name and allways got this eror-massage. I checked several reasons (firewall, filesize [570 MB] etc.), nothig helped. At least I changed the filename (‘+’ into ‘-‘), then sync was possible!

    note: ‘+’ in filenames is not restricted by windows itself.

  18. Tried all suggestion for connecting to port 80
    disable firewall
    Modify skype (and also removed it from startup)
    Created special rule to allow navimapper in firewall

    nothing seems to work.

    Is there really no other way to get a map loaded onto my windows phone?

  19. Used Process Hacker 2 to trace down another program that was using port 80
    disabled it and am now able to transfer maps and gpx files. But it seems an arcane way of transferring files.

  20. First: my english is bad.
    Then: in NAVICOMPUTER on the Smartphone you
    must type the REALLY Ip-adress of the PC (mine is
    See the post of Joachim above.
    Then it works on my WP10.

  21. First I had a very good impression. Then Port 80 problem – looking with process hacker shows that many apps using this port. No way to kill all these connections…. I don’t understand why a manual transfer over USB is not possible.
    Now I deinstalled it and will look for another app. Any recommendations? 😉

  22. Same roblem: “Connection to NaviMapper failed” Tried everything and nothing work. There should be option USB Synchronise in next version.

  23. To all the people facing problems, today I have updated my navimapper on desktop to recent version and could also not connect to synchronize the map and track data. Also firewall disabling and trying different settings did not help.

    Solution helped for me:
    (in the desktop navimapper synchronization tab)
    After I drag and dropped the files from the left two windows to the right device window beneath NaviMapperIP and then pressing the synchronize icon on my phone it worked perfectly. Try it out!
    Ensure to be in the same Wifi. (all Firewalls were on on my computer)

  24. Connection break up by big files!
    The Connection break up after transfering 490MB.
    – Exist here an size Limit?
    – How could I delete uncomplete map files?
    – Why would the map files not stored in normal accessable directory? It could make something easier.

    (Nokia Lumia 735 with Windows 10, Windows 10 Desktop PC)

  25. Like Jürgen said: Attention to forbidden filename characters.. ‘/’ is also not accepted, files containing it just don’t appear.

  26. I checked the event log . FOund this error:
    “The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message”
    which basically means you got the wrong ip address.
    Checked ipconfig /all ( cmd prompt)
    and entered the ip address for the wifi connection
    ( it was different to that shown initialy in navicomputer)

  27. Hello!

    Sinchronizimg not working. Says API not supported try Microsoft graph instead when I like to sinchroize with onedrive. Unfortunately I don’t have a desktop now to use Navimapper. Do you know any other method how to save the gpx file?

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