I am missing a feature, what can I do?

Well, first of all we have to say that NaviComputer for Windows Phone has just been launched and is in a very early stage of its development. There are a lot things on our roadmap and additional features will follow soon.

Nevertheless, it is our goal to keep NaviComputer simple and easy to use, so we do not want to flood it with hundreds of useless functions.

Please contact us to send your feature requests. We always have an open ear to users and we will consider your suggestions for new features. Please also read how to support the project.

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  1. Nice app….
    The sync did not seem to work wifi
    (w8.1update to wp8.0)

    Also I use POIs a lot as I research the area add the points I wish to visit
    and then set off
    the tracking is nice but having the pois
    is helpful as I often can find locate the spots with satelite images
    but then stepping back to topo or regular the spots are hard to find
    ( unless its a cliff of course…)

    tried to grab a poi gpx but nothing showed up?

  2. Just tested the App for the first time and I already like it 🙂
    The Off-line Mode is great. So 5 Stars from my side.

    But there are a few drawbacks.
    * I created 2 Off-line Maps and had several times the situation that I switched to them and just got a black screen. I think my current position was just outside of the map or in a wrong zoom level. It would be good if you could place the current location into a place with a visible map.

    * The Map Quest Aerial map is nice, but only inside of the USA.
    Outside goes it just to Zoom level 10 or 11.

    * The GPS function is a Battery killer. I would love to see a setting that controls the frequency of the usage. e.g. (Manually ; fast; all 5 min ; … )

    Thanks for this great App.

  3. Hi,
    downloaded NaviComputer yesterday in Austria. Everything seems to work fine except the OneDrive (former SkyDrive) sync. I tested two tracks and none of them will sync even though I marked to do so. I read about “go to SkyDrive and start sync…”. The OneDrive App does’nt seem to have such a function. I just can check the files I want to have synced that are already online…
    Help is appreciated.
    Thanks! Great App!

  4. Currently I can’t seem to be able to delete maps from my phone. I had to reinstall and uninstall the app just to be able to do this.

    This all started when I tried to update a map – I decided I wanted to make more zoom levels available – it wouldn’t allow me to update the map from skydrive either. It reported that it had finished downloading the updated map, but nothing had changed and the file size remained the same.

    Great app though!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Loving the app… I create maps using MOBAC so can get OS maps on my Lumia… And this app is the only out there that will allow me to do this so two thumbs up too you…

    Only issues are no ability to display osgb co-ordinates and night mode..

    Other features would like too see are:-
    Ability to use a gpx file with POIs stored in it and to be able to add waypoints on a map…
    Then this would be a killer app..

    keep up the great work..


  6. Possibly the best app for bike/hike navigation for Windows phone, but some features which I’m still missing are:

    -adding/loading waypoints/POIs
    -compass implementation
    -navigating to POI with help of compass
    -option to change color/thickness of track lines (default ones are sometimes very hard to see, especially in direct sunlight)

    Otherwise great app, definitely 5 stars!

  7. Hello, I love this app and its by far the best navigation one out there BUT there are a few missing features that are forcing me to use other apps sometimes. First of all, there’s no way to input coordinates and have navicomputer draw a line from my current position to the waypoint. This is especially useful in marine applications when you want to navigate to a point based on a GPS coordinate. Also, why can’t I load my preloaded Nokia maps and use them in navicomputer. These two features are available is an app called “SweNAV”. Is it possible to incorporate these features into navicomputer and have THE PERFECT APP?!

  8. I have the same problem the marking tracks with symbol cloud does not synchronize with onedrive.

    (windows phone 8.1)


    Thanks! Great App!

  9. Thanks for your good work! Keep going on please!

    There is one point that annoys me a bit: there is no way to choose the colour of a recorded track when reloading it to the current map. It´s done automatically so that I have to delete/reload it several times to get a colour that suits the map. It´s no use having a green or yellow track on a green map ;-). Please give us a way to do that simply by a button.

    Thanks a lot


  10. I love this app. Like other people, for me the only major shortcomings are how you can’t mark points on the map or do a location search.
    When I was on rubbishy Android, the app I used was Mytrails, which was nigh-on perfect, if you want a model to work towards..!
    Thank you for the app.

  11. Great up
    two things to improve:
    add a Pause Bottom in order to stop tracking without saving and correct the Ascent/Descent meter that does not reflect the real ascent or descent. A more correct measure could be obtained rounding the height provided by gps receiver by 10 or 20 meters or by a configurable paramenter.

  12. Dear navicomputer team,

    seems to be the best offline map tool available under windows phone. I miss 2 features also:
    – Marking points (of intrest) on the map
    – mixing several downloads with different level of detail in navimapper into one map. E. g. if you want a genaral map of your country and several regions in high details you can not integrate this in one map at the moment. (In MyTrails under Android this works quite well.)

    Best regards and thank you for the app

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