What is “mapsources.xml” and how can I modify it?

You will find a file named “mapsources.xml” in your NaviMapper installation directory.

This file describes the online map sources that can be used within NaviMapper/NaviComputer.

You may open this file in a text editor and modify it. You may want to remove MapSource elements that you do not need or add additional map sources by adding MapSource elements.

You can add any mapsource that uses the default tile system as described here.

The following attributes must be entered within a “MapSource”-Tag in the xml:
Copyright(optional): The copyright info.
MinZoom: The lowest available zoomlevel of the map source.
MaxZoom: The highest available zoomlevel of the map source.
TileUrl: The url from where the map tiles are loaded. The placeholder %z, %x and %y are used to specify the tile coordinates.
It is possible to add more than one TileUrl attribute. This way, parallel download from multiple servers is possible.
Note: Due to xml formatting, the character “&” (often used in php urls) must be replaced with “&”


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Proxy Address=""/>
<MapSource ID="FreemapSlovakia>

Tip: Finding out the tile url of an online map source is really easy. Simply browse the map online and use a tool like the firefox addon HttpFox to see from which url the tiles are loaded.


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