Why are Windows Phone’s Here/Nokia (offline) maps not integrated?

Windows Phone’s Here Maps are roadmaps.

We believe that it makes not much sense to have those maps in NaviComputer since there are more than enough apps that are better suited for using roadmaps. If you’re satisfied with Here Maps, NaviComputer is most likely not the app you’re looking for.

NaviComputer is designed for offroad use where you need maps with hiking and biking trails. You won’t find those trails in Here maps…

Anyway, of course we understand that users would still like to have Windows Phone maps, at least as a backup option. And we would really like to offer this option. Unfortunately there is another problem for developers, caused by the design of the Microsoft Phone SDK: As a developer, if you want to use Windows Phone maps, you have to use the map control provided with the SDK. So far so good, but the big problem is: You cannot use custom map sources (for instance Openstreetmaps) with that control, at least not in a proper way. And yes, we know there are apps that can switch between Here maps and other maps. Let me tell you what they do: They place an additional layer on top of the Here maps layer, though causing double data traffic, additional loading times and so on… disadvantages that we do not really want to suffer from only for having a (in most cases useless) Here maps option.

We hope that’s an understandable explanation. Of course, once Microsoft changes the SDK map control to fit our usecase better (which has been requested by many developers), we will also add the option for Here maps.

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  1. Please integrate HERE map. For one, it has better satellite images of the off road locations. For 2, it’s loading speed is faster than the other maps. For 3, it’s a windows phone app so it should at least use the default maps of the phone.

    • Kin, thanks for your feedback. I have added some further explanation in text above. I hope it is understandable.
      If you’re looking for satellite maps, I think Google has the best satellite images, even much better than HERE. You could add and use these in NaviComputer…

  2. Hello, first of all I want to thank you for this excellent application, as a Mountain Biker and adventurer I think NaviComputer is by far the best tool for Windows Phone to explore those places where no one have been in decades and of course to complement the training.
    My question is how to use Google satellite images as offline maps (you said something about that in your reply to Kim in this thread). These would be very useful, because you can see some singletracks that does not appear in the available maps.

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