I get a network socket error message when launching NaviMapper

Like the message says, this usually happens if another application is using port 80 with exclusive access rights. In many cases the problem happens when IIS or another webserver is running on the computer. But also the Skype desktop application can cause the issue because it’s using port 80 as alternative for incoming connections by default. In Skype it can be simply disabled (http://hemantnemade.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/87/)

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  1. Hi there

    Unfortunately, I have to run IIS on my main computer. Do you have any suggestions for getting around the port 80 problem? Could you include the option to changer the port?

  2. I found a solution that might be helpful to others:

    After terminating every application that could possibly use port 80, Navimapper still reported the socket error. I then opened Command Prompt* (Start -> Accessories) and typed
    netstat -ab
    It seemed that in my case the service vmnat.exe was using port 80. It took me another web search to find out how to stop this service. But after that Navimapper finally could communicate with Navicomputer.

    * In my case (Windows 7) I needed to run Command Prompt as an Administrator by right clicking on the the shortcut and choosing ‘Run as Administrator’)

  3. There is no connection to the NaviMapper on my Acer one but on my desctop it works fine. On the Acer I turn off the Win 7 ultimate firewall AND the virus scanner. No result at all

  4. I just ran into this error message with the new upgrade to Windows 10 on my PC. I don’t use Skype so I knew that wasn’t the issue. I fixed it as follows:
    Control Panel
    Administrative Tools
    Scroll down to select “World Wide Web Publishing Services”
    Right Click and select Properties
    Set Startup Type to “Manual” then OK
    Right Click again and select “Stop”
    This worked for me.

  5. @Stephen:
    thanks, that worked for me too.
    In Dutch:
    – controlepaneel (windowsvlaggetje linksonder)
    – kies Alle Apps
    – kies Windows Systeembeheer
    – kies Services
    – scroll naar ‘World Wide Web Publishing-service’
    – rechtsklik daarop
    – selecteer Eigenschappen
    – in tabblad Algemeen: kies opstarttype: Handmatig
    – klik OK
    – nogmaals rechtsklikken op ‘World Wide Web Publishing-service’
    – in tabblad Algemeen: klik op STOPPEN
    – klik op OK
    – klik Services weg met het kruis rechtsboven

    Note: Services can also be reached via Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Task Management (is that the English frase for Taakbeheer?), tab Services, sort by Description… choose ‘World Wide Web Publishing-service’

    I made an additional mistake trying to connect my phone through USB-cable, as I am used to, where the video clearly states to connect through wifi… that took me a while…. :-b

  6. Thanks Steven this is also solved on my Win 10 OS by you solution. Additional i need to stop my Firewall!

    For german:
    task manager -> dienste -> nach www-publishingdienst suchen und stoppen. Zusätzlich firewall abschalten.

    thanks all

  7. Ridiculous, I have to stop a Wimndows service to use the sunchronization?
    Is this a “GPS maps and tracking app for Windows Phone” as you say in your site???
    Just find a different solution,please

  8. Thanks to Mab and all previous posts; unlike Georg I did not need to disable the windows firewall; I do absolutely agree with mab: such a bug should not happen.

  9. The advantage of using Port 80 is that the firewall is already open so I can understand why it is used. Some MS apps have the same issue. There is also an MS service that uses a random port so one time in 32k your application will fail even if you use another port.

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