Can tracks or maps be imported/exported to SkyDrive?

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As of NaviComputer V1.0.2.0, SkyDrive is fully integrated into NaviComputer. You can import and export tracks (*.gpx) and offline maps (*.nmap) to and from SkyDrive.

Simply go to the file synchronization page and swipe it to the right to get to the SkyDrive page where you can start the synchronization.

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  1. Hello,

    i synced three maps by Onedrive to NaviComputer. When i start the map in offline-mode i choose one of the three maps. Only a black map no data is showed.

    What do i wrong?


  2. I successfully imported tracks&maps from SkyDrive to NaviComputer. How to export them from Navicomputer to SkyDrive ?

  3. Excuse for previous question, I just solved it:

    1) go to Navicomputer Maps or Tracks
    2) select what to be uploaded to OneDrive
    3) go to OneDrive synchronization
    4) synchronize 🙂

  4. Hello !
    I have problems with importing my maps from OneDrive.
    I can chose the correct folder , where I see my maps, but when I push
    the “Import Maps Button” it says “the folder wasn’t found on OneDrive.
    The Import of GPX works fine. I think the problem is the translation because
    I use the GERMAN Windows (Karten / Maps).

    Can you fix/repair this problem ?


  5. I can not sync with onedrive afyer windows phone 10 update. I see only white screen and after some time connection fail. Whats happend? Hour can I solve this problem. Btw at the first log in I could prompt my email credentials.

  6. Maybe the team can find a solution for the OneDrive bug. Navicomputer is my most important app, but it’s useless without OneDrive cause there is my data.

    • I use this wonderful app since more than 3 years. As the other posts above i realized end last year that file sync between Host and Mobile is no longer supported due to MS migration from Live SDK to MS Graph resulting in making file sysnc with the mobile impossible. Are there any work arounds or other activities to make this wonderful app working again?
      Let me know if/how to support.

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