Can NaviComputer import and use tracks from other sources/GPS?

YES. NaviComputer is capable of importing tracks and routes from GPX files. NaviComputer handles files with the extension .gpx, allowing you to open GPX files from anywhere on your phone. For example from emails or internet pages.

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  2. Pretty good looking software, however I have found a pretty big flaw.

    When you load a GPX file with multiple tracks, it only displays the first track. I have complex GPX files with many tracks and waypoints. None of the secondary tracks or waypoints are displayed.

    I can send you a sample GPX file if you like.


  3. Hi,

    I cannot make waypoints show in the map. I’ve tried to import a gpx file with just one waypoint and doesn’t apear in the map. Please, does anyone see waypoints in navicomputer?

  4. Hallo Florian,ich mf6chte nochmal fcber diseen Weg fragen, wann die neue Version verffcgbar sein wird. Die 1.1.3 ist schon ein tolles GPS-Programm aber viele Leute warten trotzdem schon sehr gespannt auf die 1.2.0 uns wfcrden sich freuen, wenn Du posten kf6nntest, wann diese Version fertig sein wird (ich hoffe doch, dass Garmin nicht versucht, das Erscheinen der Version 1.2.0 zu verhindern ).Danke!Tiesl

  5. @Guillermo @Andre; I have the same problem with waypoints. I would like to use the app for geocaching, but I can’t import gpx files with one or more waypoints.

  6. I am trying to use NaviComputer to view the GPX tracks for the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). The tracks are broke down into multiple days of travel (multiple tracks) and, like others commenting here, the app only displays the first day of the route. I like everything else about this app, but if it can’t display the full route then it won’t work for my purposes. I’m looking at switching to Maaloo if I can’t find a solution, I’ve heard from other motorcycle riders that it works pretty well for this purpose.

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