Will NaviComputer keep recording my track while the phone is in standby or while another app is running in foreground?

YES, as long as you are recording a track, NaviComputer keeps logging your position in the background. However, there are a few things you should consider: If you do not interact with the app for more than 4 hours, it stops its background task. That’s a feature (or limitation) of the Windows Phone 8 operating system which can not be influenced. Also on low memory devices, if you open too many other apps the operating may interrupt apps that are running in the background. And last but not least you should make sure that the background task of NaviComputer is not blocked in the Windows Phone applications settings.

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  1. con l’ultima versione Aggiornato 17/01/2014 sul mio Nokia lumia 820 non è possibile la registrazione delle tracce in background.
    Per registrare continuamente è necessario tenere lo schermo sempre acceso e questo rende il programma inutilizzabile perché la batteria si scarica dopo circa 2 ore.
    Potreste tornare alla soluzione originale quando era possibile registrare anche in background?
    ottima la possibilità di salvare su SkyDrive

    saluti Gabriele

    • Ciao Gabriele,

      sorry, I cannot speak Italian, but thanks to google translator I think I understood your post.
      Please confirm that in the Windows Phone Settings the background task of NaviComputer is not blocked. Let me know if it helped.

  2. I am using a Nokia Lumia 620 and have problems recording tracks with NaviComputer: after I have started recording a track and locking the screen, the track is recorded for maybe 10 or sometimes 20 minutes, but then there is no continuous recording. So when I arrive at my destination and want to stop recording, I only see the first minutes of the track and then a straight line to my destination.

    NaviComputer is not blocked in the list of my background tasks. But there are other apps which are also allowed to run in the background, although I have only NaviComputer opened – can this be the cause? The Lumia 620 has only 512MB of RAM, so it is definitely a low memory device.

    The problem occurs not everytime (somtimes NaviComputer tracks for 2 or 3 hours without problems), but every so frequently that it prevents me for using it for “important” tracks. That is too bad, since otherwise NaviComputer has all the features I am looking for (Offline OSM maps!) and is really nice to use.

    Does anybody else have similar problems or know of a solution?

    Best regards


  3. I have tried to find some information about my problem and found that the memory of location background tasks for 512MB devices can be at most 16MB and “If your background task exceeds this limit, it will be terminated immediately.” (see “Memory Constraints” on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/Hh977046.aspx).

    On devices with more memory, the limit is higher. So this could be the cause of my problem and a reason why only few people (those with 512MB Lumias) are experiencing problems while tracking with NaviComputer. Assuming that the memory needs of NaviComputer’s background task increase with tracking time, it can also be the case, that short tracks are recorded perfectly, but not longer tracks.

    Three days ago I updated my Lumia 630 to WindowsPhone 8.1 and now NaviComputer is not even listed as a background task in the BatterySaver app. So I cannot allow NaviComputer to run in the background. I used NaviComputer twice after this update, but after starting tracking, it consequently stopped tracking as soon as I locked the screen.

    Does anybody else have problems after updating to WindowsPhone 8.1?

    Best regards


  4. Background tracking is not working. Background task in settings is on. Lumia 920
    Any ideas ?
    Beside this: It’s a great app..

  5. Hi!
    I’ve just found this app, looks really neat and seems like the thing that will serve as “Orux Maps” did in Android phone that I had before, but I have a huge (and crippling) problem – the map does not scroll – it ends up stuck in the middle of Africa. Zooming in and out works, tho.
    Any ideas?

    I use Lumia 636, if it’s of help…

    • Hi Milan,

      you need to switch the map to fullscreen in order to scroll. Simply double tap on it to do so.

  6. Yeah, figured it in the meanwhile, sorry for not mentioning it right away.
    Would be nice if the map would scroll in the window as well, tho’ 🙂 Or if the fullscreen map would contain some of the dashboard elements.

    • Not sure if you knew this already, but if you use GPS and center the map to your position (which is possible in the windows), the map will follow your position also in window mode..

  7. No, I did not (had little time to try anything, unfortunately), although it sounds reasonable 🙂

    Thanks for the help 🙂

  8. The NaviComputer app does not write the path if it is running in the background and Nokia Here Drive+ in the foreground. Where in the WP8.1 settings I should “make sure that the background task of NaviComputer is not blocked in the Windows Phone applications settings.” Please explain for dummies.

  9. I found in the WP8.1 settings: “Alle Einstellungen”, “Stromsparmodus”, wipe to the left, also the app NaviComputer in the list. The option “Ausführen der App im Hintergrund zulassen” allow executing the app in the background was and is On. Anyway NaviComputer does not write the track in the background.

  10. Hello
    4 hours this is a very !!!!! important information!
    I wondered, why the trackrecording interrupted
    You should place this info on the first page

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