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Yes, NaviComputer is absolutely free, there are no limitations and no ads in the app.

Nevertheless we highly appreciate users who not only take something from us but also give us something back in return. Giving something back does not necessarily mean money. Feedback, suggestions, a nice review in the app store or even a simple “thanks” will encourage us to keep development going and improving the app. Read how you can support and contribute to this project.

We like the sense of free or ‘pay what you want’ apps and we hope that we will be able to keep this application free for everyone. However, we spend not only a lot of time but also some money for development accounts, test devices and webhosting. If these costs can not be covered on a voluntary basis, we could be forced to either stop the project or make it a paid application one day.


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NaviComputer is a non-commercial project. We spend many days and nights of our spare time in its development.If you like what we are doing, you can show your respect to our work and support further development in several ways:

  • The least you can do is providing feedback, rating the app in the store, posting nice reviews and recommend it to others. You may add a picture of your NaviComputer adventures to your review. It’s interesting and motivates us to see what others use our app for. Submit your review
  • If you want to contribute a translation for a certain language, please contact us.
  • Please consider donating a small amount to help us cover our costs or spend us a cup of coffee. Any amount is appreciated and will encourage us to keep this project alive and continue its development.


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Well, first of all we have to say that NaviComputer for Windows Phone has just been launched and is in a very early stage of its development. There are a lot things on our roadmap and additional features will follow soon.

Nevertheless, it is our goal to keep NaviComputer simple and easy to use, so we do not want to flood it with hundreds of useless functions.

Please contact us to send your feature requests. We always have an open ear to users and we will consider your suggestions for new features. Please also read how to support the project.

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