Update to V1.0.2.1

This is only a bugfixing release which addresses a problem when downloading huge (.nmap-) files from SkyDrive.Furthermore a few other glitches and possible crashs have been fixed.

Update to V1.0.2.0

Here we are in the new year 2014 with another nice update. Many users have requested this feature and we heard your words and have implemented SkyDrive import and export.

NaviComputer can now not only be synchronized with NaviMapper on a computer, but also with your SkyDrive online storage. You’ll find this option right beside the desktop sync feature. (Just swipe the page to the left or right). We have been thinking about how to implement SkyDrive in the most convenient way for a long time and we think we have found a very good solution. Keeping the offline-use character of NaviComputer, the SkyDrive synchronization works just in the same way like the desktop sync feature works: You can mark files (GPX tracks and offline maps) for SkyDrive upload at any time (even when you have no internet connection). Once you are back home and connected to the internet you simply go to the SkyDrive Sync page, tap “start” and all pending files are uploaded to SkyDrive automatically.

Here is a list of all news in Version

  • SkyDrive import and export of tracks and offline maps
  • Desktop sync also shows the number of pending up- and downloads
  • Italian localization (translation by Alex Baldetti – many thanks!)we
  • minor fixes and optimizations

[UPDATE important notice: We discovered an issue with the SkyDrive download when importing large map files from SkyDrive (> about 100MB), causing NaviComputer to crash. We are working on fix for this problem and provide another update as soon as possible.]

NaviComputer V1.0.1.0 released

Update to V1.0.1.1

Besides many small fixes and improvements, this update comes with a few bigger changes and new features:

One of the nice things about Windows Phone is its live tile functionality, and we are happy to announce that NaviComputer does also have a live tile now. While recording your trip in the background, NaviComputer now shows your track statistics right on your startscreen. Both, medium and large tile sizes are supported.  The live tile is  refreshed once every 30 seconds, allowing you to see your trip stats without even opening NaviComputer.

Besides that, the GPX file and offline maps lists have been revised. It now works in the same way like you know it from the mail app:  Tapping on the far left of an item starts the selection mode, allowing you to select and process multiple items at once. Tapping an item elsewhere opens it up immediately.

Here is a short summary of all changes:

  • NEW live tile with trip stats
  • NEW tile design
  • GPX and offline maps list with multiselection
  • Track colors of tracks on the map are displayed in the gpx file list and in the track details page
  • Minor fixes, stability improvements and changes

Please do not hesitate to post your feedback and suggestions!

Update to V1.0.0.6

This update addresses a small problem on some low memory devices. Few users experienced crashes when resuming the app from tombstoned state when running on low memory (e.g. when several other apps were launched while NaviComputer was running in the background)

In order to get closer to our goal of a zero crash app we have also added the possibility to send crash reports from within the app. If you ever experience a crash, you will be asked to send the report by email when the app is started the next time. Even so we don’t expect this to happen very often, please make use of this feature to help us fixing all problems quickly.


Release V1.0.0.2

Update to V1.0.0.2

Don’t worry, we don’t take breaks 😉

NaviComputer V1.0.0.2 has been submitted to the store and the update will be available for you as soon as it has passed the Microsoft Store certification.

This is a small update, adding a neat feature: NaviComputer now detects break-times in your trips and tracks  and shows them. You can decide whether you want to see the trip stats (duration and average speed) with break-times included or excluded. Just tap on the coffee cup icon to toggle between included and excluded view.


  • Added break detection and possibility to exclude break-times from track statistics
  • Altitude graphs can now also have US units
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Improved stability (trying to load corrupted offline map files could crash the app)
First release V1.0.0.0

First public release V1.0.0.0 in the Store

I’m glad to announce that the first public release of NaviComputer for Windows Phone is now available in the Windows Phone Store for free.
As expected, the app has successfully passed the Microsoft certification without any problems.

If you encounter any problems, please feel free to post your comments here or contact us via email.

If you like the app, we’d be pleased about your positive rating in the App Store. If you want to help keeping this project alive and support further development, please read how you can support or contribute to the project.


Download from Windows Phone Store

NaviComputer Beta

NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 – BETA version released

Hello everybody,

several months have passed since NaviComputer got its last updates on the Windows Mobile platform and it took a lot of time to get it started with Windows Phone.

But finally here are some good news for all Windows Phone 8 users:

A first beta version is available in the Windows Phone store for people who want to join the betatesting.

This is the first version, there are several features still missing and things to be improved. But it can already be used and hopefully won't crash too often.
I am looking forward to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible from the betatesters. First updates are already in the pipeline and I hope I will be able to provide updates in short cycles within the next few weeks.


If you want to try out NaviComputer on your Windows Phone 8 device and join the betatesting team, please send an email at development@navicomputer.com including your Microsoft Live Email address. You will receive an email with the link to NaviComputer in the Windows Phone Store afterwards.


PS: Of course you can keep and use your old .nmap offline maps also with the Windows Phone version. Also you may use your modified MapSources.xml for custom map sources. To transfer files such as maps and tracks from and to the phone, NaviComputer has a built-in mechanism to exchange files with the PC software "NaviMapper". You will also receive a download link for the new version of NaviMapper.

Following a few screenshots: