Update to V1.0.3.8

In this new release we unfortunately had to remove MapQuest from the map sources. See this previous post for more details.

Furthermore we tried to address a problem with background GPS tracking on the latest Lumia devices (Lumia 650). Since we do not have one of these devices for test, please report back if this helps to get background track recording properly.

Important notice: This update overwrites the mapsources.xml with the default one. If you are using a custom mapsource.xml, you need to sync it from NaviMapper again after the update.

Update to V1.0.3.7

Version is another maintenance update that fixes some possible minor bugs and updates the default mapsources.

Important notice: This update overwrites the mapsources.xml with the default one. If you are using a custom mapsource.xml, you need to sync it from NaviMapper again after the update. Please note that the 4umaps server has changed, providing us with more power and speed in the future. So if you use a custom mapsources.xml, you will have to change the tile URL because the old 4umaps tile server will stop its service soon. The new 4uMaps server is http://tileserver.4umaps.eu/%z/%x/%y.png . The NaviMapper PC application will be updated accordingly very soon.


Update to V1.0.3.5

Today we are releasing a new version This is a maintenance release with several stability improvements and updates of dependency libraries. In addition we have improved compatibility with some GPX files. Tracks that are split into several segments should load correctly now.  At this point we would like to say thank you to everyone who submits error reports, helping us to improve this app more and more.


Update to V1.0.3.4

As announced earlier this week, due to changes on the 4umaps.eu map server the online maps of this source were not accessible for the last few days.

With this update we have fixed this problem, as well as made some internal changes.


Update to V1.0.3.3

It’s been a while since NaviComputer got its last update. Finally we have a small update ready for download from the store.

Version fixes the HikeBikeMap map source which was broken due to some changes on the map’s server.

Furthermore we have slightly changed the algorithm for calculating the total ascent/descent altitude. Now it should be closer to the reality.


Update to V1.0.3.2

Another NaviComputer update is ready to be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Here is the list of changes:

  • Added Spanish and Catalan translation (thanks to Manel Fernandez Ramirez)
  • Minor fixes in Dutch translation (thank you Herrie)
  • Added maximum speed to trip statistics as requested by many users
  • Several small fixes and stability improvements


Update to V1.0.3.1

This update adds Dutch translation, translated by Herrie Abbink – Thanks!

Furthermore we have added a small improvement to the live-tracking feature. Besides sending the tracking link via email or social media you can now also easily copy it to the clipboard so you are able to paste and send it in WhatsApp or whatever your favorite messenger is.


Update to V

This version introduces a totally new feature that can save your life in emergency situations or simply allows you to share your exciting trips with your friends or family members in real-time. We have posted a dedicated article introducing the new live-tracking feature.

Try it out immediately and let us know what you think, unlike other apps with similar functions it requires no registration or sign up.
Simply start a new trip, then tap the new live tracking icon, activate it and share the link with someone via email or social media.

Here is the changelog in short form:

  • NEW live tracking feature, share your location with others live.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.


Introducing live tracking

Are you sometimes going on your trips alone? Did you ever think about what happened in an emergency situation, when you are not able to call for help and communicate your exact location anymore?

The new NaviComputer live tracking feature could save your life in such a situation.
When live tracking is activated, NaviComputer transmits your location frequently. You can share the tracking link with your friends or a family member so they can follow your trip and see where you are in real-time.

But beside from being a great safety gimmick it can also be helpful to meet people or simply to let others follow your exciting adventures.

And last but not least: NaviComputer live tracking can be used without sign up and the people with whom you share your trips don’t have to use a smartphone or a certain app. They can see your location on a map in any browser on any device.

Below we have put together some of the questions you might ask:

How to activate/deactivate live tracking?
Once you have started recording a trip you will see the “live” icon. By tapping this icon you get to another page where you can toggle live tracking on and off as well as share the live tracking link by copying it to the clipboard, emailing it or sharing it on social media.

What about privacy and how safe is my data?
There is really nothing to worry about. Your location is transmitted 100% anonymously. (Check the app capabilities in the Windows Phone Store, unlike other apps we do not retrieve your user identity, phone identity or any other personal data)
Only people with whom you share your trip’s unique live tracking link and its 64bit key can see where you are. And they can follow only this single trip, if you want to allow them to follow another trip you have to share that one again. Furthermore all trips older than 1 week are dropped from our database automatically and the link will not be valid anymore.

Does it need a data connection and how much data traffic does it cause?
Yes, a working data connection is of course required to transmit your location. Though the traffic is minimal. In our tests after 3 full days with live tracking activated the data volume used was still less than 1MB.

Does it shorten the battery life?
When live tracking is activated the power comsumption will naturally be slightly higher. But on our test device it was still less than 5% per hour with NaviComputer running in the background and live tracking activated, so a full day trip shouldn’t be a problem.

Feel free to post any additional questions or share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update to V1.0.2.2

Finnish translation has need added. Thanks to Antti Haikkola.

If you want to help us translating NaviComputer to your language, please contact us.