MapQuest mapsource currently not available

Dear NaviComputer users,

maybe you already noticed it, since Monday the MapQuest maps are not available within NaviComputer and NaviMapper anymore.

This is because MapQuest has changed their policy and rates, unfortunately they do not offer their map tiles for free anymore.

We are working on finding a solution or alternatives, but this is not an easy task. As you know, NaviComputer is a free application. We do not have the budget to pay for a map service. So either we have to find a free alternative or we have to make NaviComputer a paid application to return at least some of our money.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience. We would be glad if you won`t give a bad rating now just because of this issue, it is really not our fault.

Any tips and recommendation regarding a solution or alternatives are very welcome!

Best regards,

Markus // NaviComputer development



Introducing live tracking

Are you sometimes going on your trips alone? Did you ever think about what happened in an emergency situation, when you are not able to call for help and communicate your exact location anymore?

The new NaviComputer live tracking feature could save your life in such a situation.
When live tracking is activated, NaviComputer transmits your location frequently. You can share the tracking link with your friends or a family member so they can follow your trip and see where you are in real-time.

But beside from being a great safety gimmick it can also be helpful to meet people or simply to let others follow your exciting adventures.

And last but not least: NaviComputer live tracking can be used without sign up and the people with whom you share your trips don’t have to use a smartphone or a certain app. They can see your location on a map in any browser on any device.

Below we have put together some of the questions you might ask:

How to activate/deactivate live tracking?
Once you have started recording a trip you will see the “live” icon. By tapping this icon you get to another page where you can toggle live tracking on and off as well as share the live tracking link by copying it to the clipboard, emailing it or sharing it on social media.

What about privacy and how safe is my data?
There is really nothing to worry about. Your location is transmitted 100% anonymously. (Check the app capabilities in the Windows Phone Store, unlike other apps we do not retrieve your user identity, phone identity or any other personal data)
Only people with whom you share your trip’s unique live tracking link and its 64bit key can see where you are. And they can follow only this single trip, if you want to allow them to follow another trip you have to share that one again. Furthermore all trips older than 1 week are dropped from our database automatically and the link will not be valid anymore.

Does it need a data connection and how much data traffic does it cause?
Yes, a working data connection is of course required to transmit your location. Though the traffic is minimal. In our tests after 3 full days with live tracking activated the data volume used was still less than 1MB.

Does it shorten the battery life?
When live tracking is activated the power comsumption will naturally be slightly higher. But on our test device it was still less than 5% per hour with NaviComputer running in the background and live tracking activated, so a full day trip shouldn’t be a problem.

Feel free to post any additional questions or share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update to V1.0.2.0

Here we are in the new year 2014 with another nice update. Many users have requested this feature and we heard your words and have implemented SkyDrive import and export.

NaviComputer can now not only be synchronized with NaviMapper on a computer, but also with your SkyDrive online storage. You’ll find this option right beside the desktop sync feature. (Just swipe the page to the left or right). We have been thinking about how to implement SkyDrive in the most convenient way for a long time and we think we have found a very good solution. Keeping the offline-use character of NaviComputer, the SkyDrive synchronization works just in the same way like the desktop sync feature works: You can mark files (GPX tracks and offline maps) for SkyDrive upload at any time (even when you have no internet connection). Once you are back home and connected to the internet you simply go to the SkyDrive Sync page, tap “start” and all pending files are uploaded to SkyDrive automatically.

Here is a list of all news in Version

  • SkyDrive import and export of tracks and offline maps
  • Desktop sync also shows the number of pending up- and downloads
  • Italian localization (translation by Alex Baldetti – many thanks!)we
  • minor fixes and optimizations

[UPDATE important notice: We discovered an issue with the SkyDrive download when importing large map files from SkyDrive (> about 100MB), causing NaviComputer to crash. We are working on fix for this problem and provide another update as soon as possible.]

Release V1.0.0.2

Update to V1.0.0.2

Don’t worry, we don’t take breaks 😉

NaviComputer V1.0.0.2 has been submitted to the store and the update will be available for you as soon as it has passed the Microsoft Store certification.

This is a small update, adding a neat feature: NaviComputer now detects break-times in your trips and tracks  and shows them. You can decide whether you want to see the trip stats (duration and average speed) with break-times included or excluded. Just tap on the coffee cup icon to toggle between included and excluded view.


  • Added break detection and possibility to exclude break-times from track statistics
  • Altitude graphs can now also have US units
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Improved stability (trying to load corrupted offline map files could crash the app)
First release V1.0.0.0

First public release V1.0.0.0 in the Store

I’m glad to announce that the first public release of NaviComputer for Windows Phone is now available in the Windows Phone Store for free.
As expected, the app has successfully passed the Microsoft certification without any problems.

If you encounter any problems, please feel free to post your comments here or contact us via email.

If you like the app, we’d be pleased about your positive rating in the App Store. If you want to help keeping this project alive and support further development, please read how you can support or contribute to the project.


Download from Windows Phone Store

BETA tests finished successfully – let’s get started

Within the last 4 weeks we and a couple of users have extensively tested NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 in the real life.

Our goal has always been creating an app that is easy to use and that our users really can trust on in every single situation. Just enjoy your day without worrying about technical problems, draining batteries or whatever else!

After doing some minor bugfixing at the beginning of the beta phase, we are sure that NaviComputer now works as expected and won’t bring you into any trouble on your tours. We have not experienced a single crash or other failure. Also we are very happy with the battery life. (Consuming less than 20% battery on a full day trip on our test device Samsung Ativ S).

While the functionality will of course still be extended within the next weeks and months, we are going to submit the first official version to the Windows Phone Store now.

After passing the Microsoft certification tests we hope that it would be available for download in the store within the next week.

NaviComputer Beta

NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 – BETA version released

Hello everybody,

several months have passed since NaviComputer got its last updates on the Windows Mobile platform and it took a lot of time to get it started with Windows Phone.

But finally here are some good news for all Windows Phone 8 users:

A first beta version is available in the Windows Phone store for people who want to join the betatesting.

This is the first version, there are several features still missing and things to be improved. But it can already be used and hopefully won't crash too often.
I am looking forward to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible from the betatesters. First updates are already in the pipeline and I hope I will be able to provide updates in short cycles within the next few weeks.


If you want to try out NaviComputer on your Windows Phone 8 device and join the betatesting team, please send an email at including your Microsoft Live Email address. You will receive an email with the link to NaviComputer in the Windows Phone Store afterwards.


PS: Of course you can keep and use your old .nmap offline maps also with the Windows Phone version. Also you may use your modified MapSources.xml for custom map sources. To transfer files such as maps and tracks from and to the phone, NaviComputer has a built-in mechanism to exchange files with the PC software "NaviMapper". You will also receive a download link for the new version of NaviMapper.

Following a few screenshots: