BETA tests finished successfully – let’s get started

Within the last 4 weeks we and a couple of users have extensively tested NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 in the real life.

Our goal has always been creating an app that is easy to use and that our users really can trust on in every single situation. Just enjoy your day without worrying about technical problems, draining batteries or whatever else!

After doing some minor bugfixing at the beginning of the beta phase, we are sure that NaviComputer now works as expected and won’t bring you into any trouble on your tours. We have not experienced a single crash or other failure. Also we are very happy with the battery life. (Consuming less than 20% battery on a full day trip on our test device Samsung Ativ S).

While the functionality will of course still be extended within the next weeks and months, we are going to submit the first official version to the Windows Phone Store now.

After passing the Microsoft certification tests we hope that it would be available for download in the store within the next week.

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  1. Hi,
    I am one of the beta testers and I had a lot of fun with the app withing the past weeks. Can’t wait for the public release and upcoming updates.

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